We’re all cells in this together


That’s how many of us there are in the world–well, about two minutes ago. The number of us cells there are that make up the human body.

I saw about 40 of those cells out this morning on my walk and bike ride. I felt great appreciation for the dog walkers, bicyclists, carriage-pushers, meditators, sun-soakers, and runners (special blessing to the guy who was running in regular clothes and dress shoes). Here they all were, taking care of their bodies, which in turn means more health for the overall global human body.

I used to feel competitive with these folks (well, I still have my moments). Now I see them as my buddies, part of the sacred whole, striving together to evolve and strengthen and cultivate and grow ourselves. We’re in this together, a miraculous living sea made up of over seven billion entities.

So when I pass you on my bike, I’m smiling because of the incredible May morning. But even more, my grin is a greeting to you, an appreciation for your efforts in making sure we’re all OK.

3 thoughts on “We’re all cells in this together”

  1. Hi Julie, I enjoy your writings and I liked the one about “The Goo.” I have always felt helplessly in the Goo when I would take things personally.
    I wish I had learned about this way of thinking when I was say, twelve! It is a good visual and would have saved me from a lot of “slip-slidden away” into self-inflicted sensitivity.
    I even think young children could learn from this and would find it funny.
    Glad you’re well and happy….Sue

    1. Sue! So good to see you here. Yes, life would be different if we could laugh about the goo, eh??



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