My thoughts on the bombing

What I’ve noticed about the bombing is my own lack of reaction. I don’t know anyone personally who has been impacted, and I don’t have a personal connection to Boston, so I’m sure that’s part of it what’s going on for me.

A whole other piece that I’m interested in, however, is that I’m not shocked. I’m not appalled. This event seems exactly in line with what I perceive about our collective consciousness. We clearly (as a species) still love violence, still love Power Over (look at the whole gun debate, down to the stupid background check issue yesterday. I guess I do have some feelings…). OK, that’s a truth to face into, get in sync with. Our results are direct feedback to our current level of consciousness.  I am 100% responsible for the results I create, personally, collectively.  We are all, then, responsible for whatever results we create as a country, as a species.

My reactions are my resistance to what is, to the truth in front of me. I get angry because I’m not getting what I want; I feel afraid when I might get what I don’t want. My sadness shows how I’m still grieving, still not able to accept the reality of my loss. That doesn’t make having emotion wrong (far from it–we get to feel anything, anytime, for any reason). It does mean that I’ll need to feel my emotions through completely before I’m ready to fully accept what is.

This paradigm makes sense to me. In some ways, hanging out with ideas like “I can’t believe anyone would do this!” or “”what’s WRONG with people!” becomes a luxury, a way to put off just feeling the emotions. Because once I feel them, it’s up to me to decide what my action is going forward. How am I going to impact the collective consciousness?

I believe that our most direct impact is to affect our own level of consciousness. To raise our own vibration. Commitment is the step into embodying this. Here are my commitments (and recommitments, and recommitments…) in the face of this truth that this event elucidated:


I commit to knowing myself and all beings as God at all times, and loving us all unconditionally.

I commit to supporting the world to living in a Power With paradigm, where we all can be as big as we are.

I commit to choosing love.

3 thoughts on “My thoughts on the bombing”

  1. Wow, Julie, it’s like you were reading my mind (I wondered why I had little energy in me about the Boston bombing). I judge you as courageous to admit that. And I love how you accepted that fact and stepped into what you want. Inspiring. As you so often are.
    love, Michael

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