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Last Saturday, I taught a class to the Intensive Learning Community (the ILC, the ongoing community of learners committed to living consciously) that is about skills to take us beyond living from intention. As I’ve explored living from and into essence over the years, I’ve discovered some of the most powerful skills that support true transformation into lives that are fulfilling, flowing, and meaningful.

Below is the hand-out that I gave to the ILC. I’ve also done something new for this blog post, an audio commentary that I recorded. I thought you might want to hear the broader context of what I’m thinking about right now. Enjoy!


  • Confidence that LIFE IS FOR YOU, wanting you to EVOLVE AND THRIVE. That means
    • It is constantly giving you guidance
    • It is supporting your learning and evolution
    • It is follows clear patterns—and you are part of that.
  • Being open to getting feedback every way you can
    • So you know what life is trying to tell you (what YOU are trying to tell you)
    • Skills of DIVINATION important here (seeing you reflected in life)
    • What do you NOTICE? What is trying to get your attention?
  • Getting in sync with WHAT IS
    • Not what you think it should be
    • This is a constant process of acceptance and surrender
    • Loving what is (vs deciding you are having the wrong experience)
  • Commitment to move your ego (Reactive Brain) aside, and get to what your Self wants.
    • Ego:
      • Right
      • Wants to match its picture (from conditioning)
      • Very much influenced by others
      • Main motivation: Survival
      • Narrow focus, contracted
      • Reactive Brain; Persona
    • Self:
      • Happy
      • Has no idea what it looks like; knows what it FEELS like
      • Only gets next step
      • Influenced by internal signals
      • Main motivations: Thriving and evolving
      • Open Focus, expanded
      • Creative Brain; Essence


*the treasure is your true self

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