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In my last series of posts I introduced the idea that, in the choice between being right or being happy, choosing HAPPY means choosing you. Deciding to live from what resonates with your core self means landing on your path of true fulfillment, meaning, and happiness.

I outlined five (and a half!) steps for you to follow, culminating in my invitation for your to write your personal manifesto. Your manifesto then becomes the template from which a life that is in alignment with your true self can be created.

In my last post, I said I’d post the manifesto that I wrote, having followed this process myself. Here it is:

“I’ve come to this planet to unearth my deepest self and to be a mirror to all I meet of their most expanded, wondrous, miraculous beingness. As I am aware of the challenge of perceiving the fifth dimensional within the third, I accept that my moments here are filled with exactly that traversing: I move back and forth between the unmanifest and the manifest, and accompany others in their discovery of the same.

I am the Fool. I am transparent in my pratfalls—and my grace–through life. I treasure happiness and let go of knowing. I accept that this sets me on a path filled with uncertainty, discovery, letting go of ego and control, and unpredictability. I live on the edge of the cliff between all I know and complete bafflement. I breathe, move, and revel in that space. I laugh and play at every opportunity.

I love every bit of my being and all expressions of myself, from the most monstrous to the most divine. I know that my ability to love me directly translates into my ability to open my heart and love all other beings, so I give myself plenty of opportunities to strengthen my ability to love consistently, steadily, like a cascading river. As one cell of almost 7 billion others in the human body, I celebrate my role of thriving, expanding, and evolving to serve both myself and all of humanity.

I whole-heartedly commit to living from and expressing my own path. I move at my own pace so that I’m available to connect deeply with me and with you, accessing my own knowing as I feel you, notice you, know you. I know your name. I let you see me. I am clear that my gift to you and to me is to mutually connect from our deepest awareness of our moment-to-moment truth. Understanding that evolution equals embodiment of higher consciousness, I create time and space to fully experience that process.

I live in a friendly universe. I move through the world, both internal and external, interacting with a reality where all needs are met perfectly, where the next step is lit up, and where I attract a continuous flow of interaction with expanded energy, play, magic, and divinity. I find my next sure step by tuning into this feedback: Am I

  • Having fun, laughing, creating, discovering, playing?
  • Touching other’s lives?
  • Feeling fulfilled and finding meaning?
  • In the flow of abundance and health, where I’m generating and receiving energy?
  • Expressing my true self?
  • Feeling at ease with myself and others?
  • Connecting in a way where I feel passion and sizzle?
  • Simultaneously in connection with the manifest and the unmanifest?
  • At peace?

In the sphere of my self-expression, others are naturally drawn to clear old patterns and blocks to knowing and expressing their deepest selves. As I connect with my deepest inner being I see others more and more clearly, supporting them to express their true selves from that wondrous space of feeling seen and known. They willingly and playfully move out of Reactive Brain into Creative Brain, unleashing their inner power, gifts, and creativity.

My inner peace is reflected by deep sleep, dancing in dreamtime, nourishing rest, and an inner space that is filled with celebration, creativity, gratitude, and openness to new possibility. I live from appreciation of the exquisiteness of this moment, this universe, and total confidence that I am completely supported in all ways.”

–Julia B. Colwell, 10/4/12



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