I Choose Happy! Process Step 4

The “I Choose Happy!” Process is a way to discover your essence and then build your life around what is most important to you. It’s about manifesting from your true self, versus from what you’ve learned you “should” or “shouldn’t do. (I believe that the word “should” is a clue that whatever follows is always someone else’s idea.)

(You can find the prior steps to the ICH Process in my past 5 blogs; those links are in the lower left corner of this page.)

For Step 4 of this process you’ll need the past three lists you’ve made:

  • Your Measures of Success;
  • the results you’ve created that you love; and
  • what you’d like to create more of.

What’s it like to sit with these lists, to savor what is in front of you? Do you see how these lists are reflections of who you really are, your true, essential self? Take a few deep breaths and notice how your body feels in the mirror of the words in front of you.

Notice that these lists aren’t finished. As you begin to watch for and then notice what what lights you up, what you deem to have the most value in your life, you’ll cultivate an ongoing experience of sorting out other people’s voices from your own. That can be challenging in this age of a cacophony of voices through the internet and other media–not to mention your friends and family members.

What you see in the lists in front of you are what is of most value to you. That’s what I’m asking you to write now: list your values, as reflected by your measures of success, the results you’ve created that you love, and what you want to create more of. That’s what will prepare you for the final step of the I Choose Happy! Process.

For example, from my three lists, here are some things I now see that are valuable for me:

  • Connection, creativity, and fun are the primary generators in my life.
  • I am transparent. I connect easily with others, viewing myself and them as respectful, whole, hilarious, and capable of any possibility.
  • I CHOOSE HAPPY. This is my path. RIGHT is tuning into others’ ideas (which will endlessly confuse me). I allow myself to be influenced while maintaining my own native intelligence.

Got it? As you muse into what you’ve been clarifying for yourself, what is it that you most value in your life? What about your life is most precious to you?

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