I Choose Happy! Process Step 3.1

So far, we’ve:

The next step in the “I Choose Happy” process is an expansion on the last one. I invite you to take your list of “the results you’ve created that you really love” (ah!, what a delicious list to focus upon), and expand it by adding this:

Looking specifically at what you’ve already created that you love, what do you want to create even more of?

For example, when I muse about results I’ve created that I love, I see lots of connection and community, people all around me who are willing to tell the truth, feel their feelings, show their tender hearts, and be there for each other in profound ways. (As I type that list, my heart feels full to overflowing.) I see now how vastly important connection and community are in my life. That’s clearly something I’d like to create even more of. Other things I’d like to create even more of include: deep sleep; great health; laughing; play; contentment. (And as I type THAT list I notice some things that I might have thought were important to me that have not risen to the top, like money or more books sold.)

OK–you? What would you like to create even more of?

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