I Choose Happy! Process Step #3

In my last three blog posts, I’ve introduced you to the idea of “choosing happy” (versus being RIGHT) as a guiding principle for your whole life. Then I led you through Step #1 (making the commitment to choosing happy) and Step #2 (examining what you’ve been using as your Metrics of Success.) These MOS began as you learned them from society and/or important people around you, then I asked you to go on to make you list of what truly resonates as success to you.

How did Step #2 go? Drawing that distinction between what others define as success and then what actually feeds and nourishes your soul is pivotal to this process. Take a moment now and read through your list. Does it light you up? That is, does your body feel more expanded, more open, with more energy running through it? Those body signals are what to rely on as you find your own new path.

The list of your personal Metrics of Success is your anchor point. It’s where you can plant your own flag of “this is me, this is what I value, separate from anyone else’s influence.” And this list can evolve and change over time.

Now, to Step #3.

Consider your life. Think about the relationships you have, what you do with your time, how you spend each day. Let your mind wander through the past, to your actual best, most cherished moments, days, times. Here’s the question to ponder:

What results have you created that you love?

Notice what I’m not asking. I’m not asking you to look at areas for improvement, those things you believe you aren’t good enough at or should go on to master. This isn’t one more list of how you’re wrong. It’s quite the opposite. This is about noticing yourself as the creator of all that is wonderful about your life.

Here are some things from my list:


  • Lots of people (and other beings).
  • I choose to ride my bicycle, and do other things outside, so I get to feel the sun and breeze and my own aliveness.
  • I play and laugh!
  • I can plug into and play the most wondrous music whenever I want.

Are you getting it? I’m asking you to consider your life through the lens of appreciating you, what you’ve been up to since you were born. So–go ahead, write your list of all you have created that you LOVE.


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