I Choose Happy! Process Step #1

In my last post, I described my new discovery of taking the question, “would you rather be right or be happy?” to a whole new dimension. Rather than simply using it as a question of relationship, I’ve been looking at my whole life through this lens. As a result, I’m experiencing a sense of realignment and peaceful settling in with my soul’s purpose that I’ve never felt before.

Want to try it out?

OK, here’s this process I’ve been developing. Right now, I’m calling it the I Choose Happy! process (ICH for short–and I assume new acronyms will present themselves as we play.) It’s my intention to take you through the steps I’ve been following and see where we all go together. I’ve come up with five steps, and I’ll lay them out in posts over the next 2 weeks. To do this with me, you’ll want to have a notebook handy, probably with lots of room per page. And I would definitely recommend glitter pens.

Are you ready to jump on board?

Step #1: Making a clear commitment

As Gay and Katie Hendricks say, any life change begins with commitment. For me, this commitment has been as big as any one I’ve made before. This is what it sounds like:

I commit to choosing HAPPY.

And notice your old commitment, which may (if you’re like me) have actually been I’m committed to being right, to living by the rules I’ve learned and to staying with my familiar patterns and ways of viewing and living my life. Then you can say it again:

I commit to choosing HAPPY.

I’d suggest writing this commitment down in very big letters, to speaking the commitment out loud, to moving and breathing as you say this to yourself and anyone around you. Notice what thoughts, emotions, and body sensations come up as you say these words. Breathe with them as you watch them move through, until you finally feel a sense of flow and aliveness as you say them.

In the next couple of days, you might want to journal about whatever comes up for you as you step into the commitment of Choosing Happy.


I’d love to know what comes up for you as we co-create this new process–please leave me comments/questions/thoughts/suggestions/inspirations.


6 thoughts on “I Choose Happy! Process Step #1”

  1. Julie, I love this and am joining in on the process! Thank you for sharing and outlining a plan.
    I added to the commitment slightly, for myself: I commit to choosing happy. I commit to choosing harmony with myself.

    What came up for me was I felt “selfish” about choosing happy… up came the idea that my choosing for my happiness will compromise someone else’s (e.g children’s). But also how how peaceful I feel about choosing what brings ME harmony, based on my own values, and not someone else’s. Great exploration!

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  3. Julie, I’m wondering if there might be a difference in wording the committment “I choose happy” vs “I choose being happy”. Curious about your viewpoint.

    1. Hi Suesie,

      Interesting question–with this phrase, (“I choose Happy”), I’m referring back to the question “would you rather be right or be happy?” That’s why I used “I choose happy,” though grammatically it isn’t great.

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