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You may have read my recent post about having presented at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. It’s this kind of event that re-inspires my work, as I get to spend several hours with people who are out in the world, doing the best they can with what they know. And I witness how difficult it is for them as they reach the same deadends, the typical frustrations, the resignation and deadlocks that come with not knowing how to have relationships more easily. Then they try a few new tools, get some support, and suddenly–everything is possible.

I designed the RIDE Program with shift from frustration to wonder, from deadlock to flow, in mind. The RIDE Program–Relationships Ignite Dreams and Empowerment–is a year-long program designed to bring committed learners together from around the globe, people who know they want something better in their relationships and their lives, but who don’t have the tools to create those. I’ve spent the last three decades learning everything I can about relationships, and I know that what I’ve learned will help people find their way to a whole new dimension of possibility. These tools aren’t just to help you “communicate” better (who doesn’t know we’re supposed to stay calm and paraphrase what we just heard?? Can anybody actually do this???). They aren’t some dull, dry how-to cookie-cutter experience. They really are the bridge to a brand-new experience of yourself and those you love, steps to a life that can be expansive, vital, healthy, and exciting.

So here is my official invitation to you. Check out the RIDE Program. Email me at with your questions. And prepare to ignite your dreams!

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