Hello, Michigan!

Greetings to my sweet, brave, and, fun companions from the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival! I had the honor and the thrill of teaching around 100 women conscious tools, both in intensives and then in fishbowl coaching. Imagine, if you can, circles of people sitting together on low beach chairs out in the middle of a clearing amongst huge oak, maple, ash, and sassafrass trees, soft ferns around us, our feet nestling into sandy soil. Oh, then that one day of steady rain, where I stood coaching couples with water dripping down my face and up my arms, women sitting around us with only a few inches of face exposed as their ponchos covered them like ducks. Now that’s commitment.

As women tried out new ideas (“wait, I do not see how everyone can get everything they want…!”) and asked questions and carefully watched and took risk after risk—it happened again. Yep, that same thing. What keeps me doing this work. What feeds my soul. Those moments: When one person made that shift from being SURE she was mad to feeling the fear underneath. When another stood up taller and practiced baring her teeth and growling instead of collapsing. When two more who had been locked in the who’s right/who’s wrong battle found each other again, looked into each other’s eyes and remembered how much they loved one another. When I could feel the power of the shift out of persona, control, ego, and back into the truth. Back to essence. Back to seeing, feeling, knowing, rediscovering the power of authenticity.

So, whether you’re reading this having met me for the first time or having been doing this work for work for many years, I want to remind you that we’re out here. We’re with you. I’m with you. We’re companions on this journey towards increasing consciousness, living from expansion, having a bigger, more fun, more passionate life. We’re a community and you belong.


The RIDE (Relationships Ignite Dreams and Empowerment) Program begins 9/28/12. For more information, go here.

2 thoughts on “Hello, Michigan!”

  1. I was there! It was an amazing experience. Thank you so much Julie! Is there any way to get the handout you passed out at the Michigan workshop?

    1. Hi Heather,

      Great to hear from you here–I’ll send you copies (of the Unarguable Truth and of Getting Out of the Triangle).


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