Announcing the RIDE Program!

I love the world of relationships. Since I was a kid and read “Can this marriage be saved?” column in my mother’s Ladies Home Journal I’ve been fascinated by the dynamics of relationships and how to transform them.

Here’s my most recent foray into playing in the world of relationships: The RIDE Program (Relationships Ignite Dreams and Empowerment). With the help of my pals, Jan and Verna, we’ve created a year’s immersion for people who are interested in mastering the skills that make the ride of relationship fascinating, rich, and even magical. Based on my book, The Relationship Ride: A Usuable, Unusual, Transformative Guide,  the RIDE Program consists of 4, 3-day weekends where we all get together to learn and practice these skills, plus ongoing contact through a group web board and biweekly telecalls. My intention is to create a global group of committed learners who can embody the tools of conscious relationships while having a great time.

If you’re interested in checking out the RIDE Program, click here. Meanwhile, thanks for your energetic support!

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